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That Plant Over There

"That plant over there isn't just that plant over there. That plant over there is the love of my life." In this heartwarming love story, go where love has never gone before - a terra-cotta pot.

"Renting high quality movies shouldn't come at high prices." Those aren't just the words of local vandal Jasper Clydesdale - they're our mission statement. BetaFast's founder, an entrepreneur with deep pockets and even deeper secrets, knew that Betamax tapes would be the misunderstood home cinematic experience that stands the test of time. And with three kiosk locations, several available titles, and billions of satisfied customers, so shall BetaFast.

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For all law enforcement inquiries, please direct your calls to Jasper Clydesdale. For all other matters, please call our customer support number: (435) 238-2220